Well, golly.

Had an epic battle this morning. It was the chapter five fight and I had to take out an enemy supply base in some woods. I chose a reasonably good set of soldiers for the fight but unfortunately, not knowing what was ahead, I positioned them badly. I won in the end, but it was hairy. Several scouts were knocked out and I only rescued them by the skin of my teeth and my shocktropper Alex died permanently. On the plus side, though, Vyse was an absolute hero in his solo raid to take out an anti-tank gun and Largo and Dallas made a great team when it came to getting behind the tank in the enemy’s main camp.

So, yes, I won, but I think I only got a D rank, I think.

I then bought some new cut scenes, read all the background information I’ve unlocked so far and tried to do the first skirmish map in one turn. Turns out it’s very easy to do using two CP with a single scout at level five.

Brilliant game. Just brilliant.