Hmm. Well.

I’ve completed all the basic weapons training now. If bowguns had a better range, I might stick with those, but they don’t. So I’ve settled on dual-wielding small swords/daggers for now.

I got an “urgent” quest from the village elder to go kill a big monster, the same one that I had to kill in the last of the general basic training missions I tried. The one I was stuck on, remember? I did it first time without any issues. Now, the monster in question wasn’t any easier, I don’t think, so the only conclusion is that I’ve got a lot better at the game in the last few hours. Which I find somewhat surprising, as I don’t really feel any better.

A lot of things are still a mystery. Can the cooks in my kitchen do anything other than cook my raw meat? Is it worth keeping all these items I find, or should I sell them if I don’t think I need them right now? What’s the better upgrade for my (very neglected) farm – another row to grow seeds in or a mushroom tree? Why do I have to visit the mountains with a quest, why can’t I just pop over to farm myself some items? Etc.

Still no closer to deciding whether or not I actually like this game, but it’s certainly got something.