Took a while to get there, but I just did my first real monster hunt.

Three blue velociraptor type things called velociprey were causing trouble and I had to kill them. So I wandered around for a while until I found them, then slaughtered them. Ha!

Strangely addictive game, considering the annoying loading times between each tiny area and the rubbish camera. It’s just one of those games where you’re always getting new treats and where each new upgrade or item is just out of reach.

So far I’ve made myself a bone sword and a helmet of some kind. I’ve bought some nice blue pants and a vest of some sort. Annoyingly, I can\’t use the vest because it’s only for hunters who use guns and, after testing one out, I decided against going down that route.

I’m still not entirely sure about how everything fits together, but I’m getting there.

My current “huh?” concerns my inability to cook meat. There’s a fire in the starting area for the quests, but I can’t seem to use it. And the spit roasting item I was given for a quest was taken away again and I’ve not seen another. Better check the shops more carefully, I suppose.