Not quite. I got to the final boss, but then in a fit of self-sabotage I used my Prinny bomb attack with wild abandon. Now, the Prinny bomb attack uses your lives to send Prinnies hurtling from the sky. I spent so much time watching the boss’s health bar that I forgot to watch my stock of lives and was quite surprised when the attack stopped due to me having no lives left. Oops. I didn’t even get the boss off his first form. (I’m assuming he has several, being a final boss and all.) So it’s back to the beginning of the game again. Fine by me.

At least now I have unlocked all the villagers. Also I unlocked a few awards. They’re pretty special – the first game about thirty hours into the game and was the award for unlocking all the villagers. Shortly afterwards I got an award for doing three levels in gold time and one for killing ten thousand enemies.