I’m at the final boss rush – which has checkpoints between bosses, thankfully. Bosses are upgraded versions of the original bosses I fought. I’m not going to make it, as I only have about thirty five lives left. I’m only on the second boss, see. That boss is actually two characters. They’d be easy enough to defeat individually, but together they’re really tough.

I’m wondering if playing without sound has made it unnecessarily difficult. There are probably audio cues to help you work out which of their attacks the bosses will do next, which I’m not getting. Still, they’re incredible in that they’re actually fun to fight – and if I have to run away and start the game over, which seems inevitable, then I’m not going to mind one bit.

This game has been a wonderful surprise. I wasn’t expecting much and yet I’ve put in over sixteen hours since I got it on Saturday. That’s an awful lot for me, an awful lot.