Do you miss the halcyon days of 2005, when every 360 game looked like an upscaled PS2 game? Well then rejoice! You can relive that era with Mercenaries 2, now available in shops!

I’m glad I’m not a reviewer, because objectively and technically the game’s all a bit rubbish. Looks like an upscaled PS2 game, has about five lines of dialogue, enemy AI is… limited, etc.

However, despite all that stuff, it’s completely awesome and kept me completely enthralled for a six-hour session today. Stuff goes BOOM! and people fall over and jeeps fly through the sky and buildings collapse and it’s amazing. Also, the lack of challenge doesn’t hurt it for me. I like it being easy, so I can just storm through like a terminator – and I’ve failed missions now and again, so it’s not like you’re completely invincible.

And I think I just used up my entire year’s quota of “WHOA! DID YOU SEE THAT?!” moments.

Think Just Cause hollowed out and stuffed with the spirit of EDF, or something.