Last night was the first UGVM Halo 3 Monday. It’s a lovely game to play with a good group of people, it really is.

We tried out some standard game types and then tried some new things – Storm The Beach and Zombies.

Storm The Beach is the Halo 3 version of D Day, with the attackers having to leave a landing craft and try to control six zones on the beach. Being the defending team is far more intense, I found, and neither team managed to grab the final zone, but it was good fun. If we play it again and find a good way to attack the sixth zone then things might become even better.

Zombies split the group, some of us loved it, some hated it. It’s very fast, very silly and not a little bit random. The humans have lots of weapons, the zombies only have melee weapons but can run very, very fast and jump very, very high. There’s only one or two zombies at the beginning, but every human who dies respawns on the zombie team. I loved it, but I’m not sure we’ll be playing it again, as it’s so divisive.

Everyone seemed to love Rocket Race, but I had to leave before that got played. Hopefully we’ll play it next Monday.