Last night I played a lot of single player and got up to the penultimate level, level eight.

Now, level eight is already infamous online with The Internet deeming it to be a rubbish level in an otherwise stunning game. In this case, The Internet is right. It’s bloody atrocious. Incredibly repetitive in the most annoying fashion, badly checkpointed, far too easy to get lost in, despite basically being a single corridor, and with dull and annnoying combat.

Last night I was thinking that it wasn’t up to Halo standards, but was still the standard of a decent FPS, but in the cold light of day I feel it may not even be that good. It’s like a bad FPS and Halo is a bad game while you’re playing it.

Shame, as all the levels preceeding it were incredible. Absolutely marvellous. So many great moments and all I could think while playing was “I can’t wait to play this again.” I’m itching to finish the game so I can play through it all again, but I’m not going to be looking forward to level eight, unless it somehow clicks when I try it again next time I play.