I went back and tried the battle I’d lost by a single arrow again. This time my plan was to run to the target by the most direct route and slash his face in. Wasn’t a very good plan, as it turned out. Due to differing movement allowances, my force got split in two, with the stragglers being caught by knights coming from behind. They were slaughtered. Then my fast troops met resistance before the target and were having trouble seeing them off, while the knights who’d killed my other troopers were closing from the rear. When the caught up the end was messy, but was mercifully quick. Turn seven saw my final unit fall.

So I tried again. This time I took up a defensive position and slaughtered the first group of knights. Due to my own idiocy is not noticing how badly he was hurt, Jean fell early, which was a blow. But with five units remaining and the knights, the enemy healer and the enemy archer all dead, I moved on. The ensuing battle was tough and I lost three more units before the target finally fell, with two turns to spare.

But with that level completed, chapter two was over. I’m not my way to Riems with the Dauphin in tow… or will be once I’ve levelled up a bit in the new Free Stage I’ve just unlocked.