Fifteen turns, one target, the only condition is that at least one of my party survive.

I get off to a bad start. I misread the layout of the level and end up stuck and surrounded just out of reach of the target… to all but my archer, Marcel, who sends a poison arrow into him. As my target loses health from the poison I fight on and eventually, with a couple of turns to go, the rest of my merry band can attack. But the poison’s worn off.

It’s the final turn, only Roger, Liane and Marcel are left alive. Liane’s magic is depleted and her sword skills aren’t up to much. There’s only one square I can attack the target from, so she waits on the sidelines. Marcel looses off an arro from afar… but it misses. It’s all up to Roger. The target had started with over three hundred hit points, he’s down to 37 now. Roger attacks him from behind… hits! But only does 29 points of damage.

I lose. If only I’d used Marcel’s Sniper Shot skill. It does very little damage, but it always hits. I should have used that, but I just didn’t think. I assumed the normal attack would hit. I shouldn’t have.

That arrow’s going to haunt me.