Archive for August, 2007

Marathon: Durandal Demo (360)

It’s like Doom, except looks worse (despite an HD update) and doesn’t control very well and the ten minutes or so I tried managed to hide any fun a long, long way away from me. I might try again to see if I’m just being unfair, but nothing about it grabbed me at all. Very disappointing.

Ecco The Dolphin Demo (360)

Eh. Pass.

Stranglehold Demo (360)

Finally! I’ve got my consoles set up again! No surround sound right now, because two of the speakers have disappeared into boxes that haven’t been unpacked yet, but I have consoles. Hooray!

First thing I did was to download this demo. In which, basically, you get to be Chow Yun Fat in a John Woo film. As this has always been one of my dreams, this suits me… quite well. Another game to add to the list of things I need to buy at some point.