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Track & Field (360)

I failed on the hammer throw today. I then checked the leaderboards for the events I have completed. I’m not very good, but I’m only bottom of my friends list in one event.

Hexic 2 Demo (360)

I tried Battle Mode. When it ended I wasn’t sure if I’d won or lost. 800 points remained unspent.

Street Trace:NYC Demo (360)

So bad it felt like deleting the demo wasn’t enough. I wanted to somehow cleanse my 360, to try to rewind to a time before this abomination had been downloaded.

Space Giraffe (360)

Demented farming sim that pretends to be shooter. Utterly baffling if you’ve not spent two hours reading about the scoring system online, excellent once everything’s been figured out.

I like.

Track & Field (360)

Okay, I used to hate this type of game in the eighties. Turns out that with the 360 controller held on its side that it’s actually good fun. Probably still wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t have the points sitting there waiting, but I did, so I did.

Stranglehold Demo (360)

Played through this again and enjoyed it even more than I had done previously. The Precision Aim power is very much a guilty pleasure. I really want this now.

Fatal Inertia Demo (360)

Unlike virtually everyone else on the Internet I rather enjoyed this. Not enough to consider spending any money on it, but it was nice bit of Wipeout-esque fun for a couple of minutes.