So, got a free copy of this and decided to test it, out as I’m taking a load of games up to Blockbuster to trade in. Wondered if this should go with them.

After forty-five minutes, I was ready to set the disc on fire and rocket it into orbit. I can’t do the tutorial. You heard me. I can’t do the bloody tutorial. After much frustration I got to the sixth tutorial, about combos, but couldn’t do the first part of that.

So I gave up and started the game. I’m rubbish. Really rubbish. Best combo is current about 25,000 points. That’s nothing, in this over-complicated day of reverts and manuals and everything. I miss the old days when everything was so much simpler.

But, the thing is, I’ve started to have fun. The Nail The Trick thing is excellent, the game’s letting me progress just by hitting the ultra-simple amateur goals (which I can just about do) and it’s got Jason Lee in it.

So I think I’ll be keeping it after all.