I know, I know, worst title in the history of gaming.

But it’s the first online DS game out in the UK, so how was I meant to resist?

Setting it up to go online was incredibly easy. I typed in my SSID and WEP password and it got on the network without a single problem. In the world of wireless networking that’s incredible. I even had a chicken here ready to sacrifice. I guess I’ll have to keep him as a pet. I’ll call him Alamo.

Didn’t do much apart from test it out, mind. I did a couple of classic runs in the wireless section and was awful. I guess I need to play offline to work things out and upgrade stats and stuff. Seems to be a decent Tony Hawk game at first glance. I’ve had a few years away from them after getting incredibly tired of the whole thing around the time of the fourth game, so it should feel at least vaguely fresh.