Last night Aston Villa won the FA Cup.

It’s a shame, then, that the commentators thought the final was a semi-final. No, Clive and Andy, I won’t be looking forward to the final, I just won the bloody thing.

FIFA 11, you see, is brilliant, but buggy. Goalkeepers drop balls and then refuse to kick them. The commentators refer to cup matches as friendlies and think Wembley Stadium is Villa’s home ground. That sort of thing. It’s never really anything very serious, but there are some terribly rough edges. (Especially on the iPhone 4, it seems, where slow-down is a real problem. I’ve had the odd stutter on my 3GS, but it’s generally been absolutely fine.)


Get in!

It’s a game engine that has huge potential, but as well as being buggy it’s lacking in a lot of features you’d expect a flagship game to have. Multiplayer, for example. Or Manager mode.

Look past all that, though, and just play the game and it’s brilliant. It’s hard at first, but once you get into the rhythm of it and work out the timing it eases up and I wasn’t troubled in my last few matches on Beginner difficulty. If I was keeping the game on my phone I’d definitely up the difficulty for my next cup run.

Unfortunately, as I said yesterday, it’s just too big to keep around. I’m down to 150MB of free space on my iPhone and it’s just not enough. FIFA has to go. It must. I just can’t bring myself to actually delete it yet. It’s too good.

Oh, the humanity!