“Oh, look at me! I’m too cool and indie to have a capital letter at the start of my name!”

Or something. There might be a very good reason for it. I may be displaying some terrible ignorance. Or not.

Make no mistake, though, shibuya is one cool and indie puzzle game.


Simple but stylish.

Different enough that it needs instructions – which are an annoying web link, so make sure you’ve got an Internet connection when starting the game for the first time – despite being all about clearing blocks that fall from sky to floor, it’s a really excellent game.

Empty blocks fall from the top of the screen, you fill them with colour, then click two or more adjacent blocks of the same colour to remove them. That’s it, but it allows for combos and tense moments as you try desperately to work out the best order to place the colours. It’s really absolutely fantastic.

It’s also got an excellent achievements system that encourages trying out different modes and levels of play.


I'm currently working on completing Quick Play on Adept.

As you complete achievements you rank up, so unlocking more. It’s a really excellent way to add a overarching structure to a simple puzzle game.

This game was free and the weekend and it’s certainly one of the best free games I’ve ever downloaded. High praise, but it’s worth it.