A long, long time ago on my multiplayer server I wandered off into the middle of nowhere and built a small statue of my wife, just for her.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever find it again, as it was so far from civilisation.

Unfortunately, it turns out it wasn’t far enough. Our buildings have spread far and wide and that statue was in the way of someone’s expansion, so they asked whether anyone knew whose it was and if they could demolish it.

Now, I didn’t want my statue to be the way and I didn’t want to be a dick about things, but that statue has sentimental value.

So I came up with a plan. I emptied all the cobblestone and torches out of my inventory and trekked off to the statue.

I then demolished it.

That’s not the end, though! Don’t cry!

I wandered off into the landscape, found an interesting spot far from anywhere and rebuild the statue piece-by-piece, using exactly the same materials as before.


She's back!

So it’s the same statue, made of the same stuff, it’s just moved.

(And I’ve also built a replica in a new secret garden in my castle grounds.)

Oh, and I’m testing out a new texture pack – a custom version of the Painterly Pack.