So, yeah, I tried Robot Unicorn Attack on my old G4 Powerbook the other day. (It’s over seven years old now, is only running OSX 10.2.9, but runs Opera perfectly well for general web use.) I survived for about three hours, by which time I’d reached about seven metres.

So, yeah, it runs, but it’s slow. Like, as slow as a zombie snail. With a broken leg. (Shush.)

My wife plays the game on her Samsung NC-10 netbook and it’s much faster, but still slower than it should be.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack running at the correct speed. Oh... wait...

To show her how it should run, I started up the iPhone version and promptly got my best score ever and continued playing when I went for a poo. It’s not easy to put down once you start playing, especially with the sound on. And I’m sure my wife enjoyed hearing the tinny sounds of Erasure coming from the bathroom as I wrestled with a truculent stool.