Annoying Facebook integration. (-5 points)

Doesn’t save scores when you’re offline – and isn’t saving any local high scores for me at all. (When I restart the game, I’m still on the leaderboards but the High Score display at the top right of the screen is 0.) (-15 points)

It costs £2.99, more than many of the games that were inspire by it. (-15 points)

Thumbs being in the way of the screen is a real problem and leads to many deaths. (-40 points)

The controls are great. (+30 points)

Geometry Wars: Touch

If you're having control problems, try sticking the Thumbpad Range setting right up.

All the modes from the XBLA version are intact and they’ve added a new, Asteroids-like mode. (+50 points)

It looks and feels like Geometry Wars. (+35 points)

Geometry Wars: Touch

It looks rather fine on my 3GS.

But the thumbs being in the way of the screen issue is really troublesome. (-40 more points)

TOTAL: 0 points

What does that mean? I’m not sure. It’s Geometry Wars, the controls are great, it’s got lots of modes… but there are high score issues and dying because enemies were under your thumbs is terrifically annoying. I’m really not sure whether or not I can recommend it. Best come back later, see if I actually keep playing or not.