Sod the stupid goblins, time to play properly.

Played for about twenty minutes over lunch, which consisted of wandering up to the first dungeon, beating the rubbish boss in two or three rounds, then getting congratulated for my great success. It’s nice to be thanked, but I didn’t even get a free stay at the inn for my troubles.

Final Fantasy

Chaos Shrine, eh? Sounds nice.

Did get a lute, though. It’s a key item, so I assume it comes into play later in the game. Talking of which, I must remember to go back to the castle and the Chaos Shrine once I’ve got hold of the mysterious Mystic Key. Apparently some elf chap’s been keeping it safe. I assume I’ll run into him at some point.

(As you can probably tell, despite having played and completed this game before, memories of the specifics aren’t exactly flooding back.)