I’m in the top ten (or thereabouts) on many of the leaderboards. This doesn’t mean that I’m good, though, as much it means that not enough people have bought this excellent game.

Maybe they’re waiting to see if the Freeverse takeover means this will go freemium soon. Maybe they’re put off by people playing for five minutes and then saying they can’t tell what’s going on. Maybe it’s just lost in the huge, ungainly App Store.

Whatever the reason, it’s not right. More people should be playing this – and if that means my scores start to look rubbish, so be it.

Zombie Cannon Carnage

The third character's stage looks rather strange.

No, there’s not a lot of variety. As far as I can tell, every character’s stage is different only in the colour palette and there’s a limited number of objects to interact with. It doesn’t seem to matter, though, as I’ve played for a few hours now and haven’t got tired of it.

Once I’ve polished off the achievements I might find I play it less – I’ve only got a couple of endurance achievements left, I’ve completed all the ones that require any skill – but I’ve certainly had enough fun from this to make it a worthwhile purchase.

More than anything concrete, though, is that I just plain like it for reasons more emotional than just a bullet list of features or the ratio of price to time spent playing. It fits the platform and, more importantly, it fits me.