So, that whole “not liking Doodle Jump” thing seems to be over, huh? Commercial breaks, toilet breaks and, er, probably some other breaks I’m forgetting – they’re all Doodle Jump time.

I still don’t like the bits where you have to touch the screen much, but I’m getting better at them and they don’t spoil the experience as I used to think they did.

Doodle Jump

There's no time to take screens when I'm actually playing.

I always get a bit grumpy when I change my mind about a game, because I don’t like to have been a Mister Wrongface, but on the plus side, it shows the benefits of a gaming diary like this over traditional review sites. People may like numbers and “definitive” verdicts, but games aren’t really like that – especially score attack games without a beginning, middle and end.

On the other hand, there’s not a lot to say about some games, so when I keep playing them I start to struggle for something to say. Which leads to nonsense about cats and getting all meta about the point of this blog.