The anti-Ridge Racer, basically. Smooth, polished, content-rich, with a proper game structure. All things that Ridge Racer Accelerated is not. But, on the other hand, it all feels a bit clinical, it’s very flat so far and the drifting mechanic is awkward and, possibly, broken. Again, that’s the opposite of Ridge Racer.

It’s not a bad game, certainly, but after being violently mugged by the scar-faced Ridge Racer, it doesn’t feel especially exciting. Here is an image that explains the difference between the two games:

Mind you, I’m still using the first car class – I’m thinking that pulse-pounding high-speed thrills may well arrive at some point, when I’ve unlocked some more cars.

Anyway, this is likely to be my last entry until after Christmas, maybe the new year, so have a happy time everybody and I’ll see you on the other side.