Having given up on the Lite version (for now), I started on the full game. Jumped into story mode and my heart sank a bit when I saw that the first map is the same map that’s included in the Lite version of the game. Still, I won it easily and then moved on to chapter two, which – gasp! – features a whole new map. Ooh. It’s sandy.

I won that one without any hint of a problem, too. I hope story mode gets difficult enough to be fun before it’s over.

(Slight confusion: In the story you play the red guys, whereas I’ve been playing as the green guys in Free Play mode in the Lite. It’s made for some interesting “WTF?” moments.)

I also had a quick look at Free Play mode. As expected, it’s more of a Skirmish mode than the mission-based Free Play mode of the Lite version. You choose a map and then configure the number of sides, items, difficulty, etc. There are medals to earn, but they seem a bit pointless when you can set the options to give yourself an advantage. Hopefully some of the later maps will have medals for winning a game under certain option set-ups.