For Star Wars fans only, this one. Which isn’t to say it’s bad, but that without any emotional attachment to the content it definitely won’t be worth three quid. In many ways an update to the original arcade game, you start out dogfighting above the surface of the Death Star, then fly down the trench, avoiding obstacles (and Darth Vader’s TIE fighter) before blowing the whole thing up. That’s about it for mission mode, but there are also a couple of arcade modes, where you can fly down an infinitely long trench or fend off endless waves of TIE Fighters.

It’s a bit shoddy here and there – in the trenches the gun emplacements don’t actually fire at you, instead the game just animates laser bolts flying at you from miles away. (And they’re laser bolts that can fly through solid obstacles, at that.) More importantly, there are no tilt calibration options, so you have to hunch over the game in exactly the position it wants you to be in. Fine for playing at your desk, not so good for playing in bed.

Still, the core dogfighting and, er, trench-running sections work really, really well and it does capture the feeling of being in Star Wars. I can’t see it something I’d sit down with for hours, but I expect I’ll start it up for a quick go an awful lot over the life of my iPhone.

Put it this way, if you’re tempted to get proudly misty-eyed when Han Solo congratulates you on a great shot, this is probably worth getting, Otherwise, I’d probably give it a miss.