Sims now properly autonomous – except for fact they won’t come home from trips out unless you tell them to, as far as I can see. Left to their own devices, they will do what needs doing, including peeing, showering, sleeping and cleaning. This is a major step. My wife likes to micro-manage her sims, I prefer to watch them and then prod them gently or get them doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

Making friends seems to take ages. Acquaintances are easy to get, but building up relationships seems hard.

La’Quisha grew up to school age. Once she’s going off to school each day, I’m going to have Steve explore the town a bit during the days before he gets a job.

Used build mode to extend the house, as it was far too small. Very easy to do, doesn’t cost the earth. Good. Restrictions, though, like not being able to move walls with counters attached to them. Reasonable, understandable, annoying.