Yeah, I’m playing on both operating systems. Doesn’t seem to be much between them, though the Mac version has crashed a couple of times for me.

Anyway, this is the new sensation sweeping the nation (Internet), so I’m sure you know all about it. PopCap do tower defense, basically, though it’s different from any other TD game I’ve played. (You’re always actually playing – you don’t get to set up your defenses and then sit back and watch. If you’re not adding more plants, then you’re at least collecting sunlight.) It’s very polished and hugely addictive, but the story mode has been very, very easy so far. I’m up to level 5-8 and haven’t died yet. It’s getting harder, though, so I don’t think I’ll be able to complete the adventure without dying.

It’s not Peggle, by any means, but it’s very good.