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RC-AirSim Demo (360)

Had a bit of fun playing with this remote controlled aircraft sim, but quit before it timed out on me. I can imagine it being a nice little toy to have on your 360 to wind down with, but I don’t think it’s for me.

Miner Dig Deep Demo (360)

Played a few community games last night. Miner Dig Deep was probably the best. It’s a little hard to explain, reminding me slightly of both Boulderdash and ZAngband, but it seems fun enough and I’ll probably spend 200 points on it one day when I’m bored.

Vampire Rain (360)

Played the first tutorials and the second proper mission last night.

You know what? I enjoyed it. It’s trial and error gameplay, sure, but I don’t mind that at all. It’s tense, scary and satisfying when you get it right.

I’m sure it’ll get far too hard soon and it’s not perfect – unskippable cut scenes, slightly dull graphics – but it’s not yet the stinker it’s meant to be.

Vampire Rain (360)

I know this is rubbish. It got terrible reviews, after all. Nobody likes it.

But I’ve always wanted it, though I don’t know why. And for four quid I couldn’t say no.

Just did the first mission last night. Bizarrely, it comes before the first tutorial.


Anyway, that first mission wasn’t bad. The cut scenes are terrible, the graphics functional, but there’s a hint of a good game in there. Let’s see how they ruin that potential…