Looking at my Achievements list, it seems I’ve not played this since October 2007. That’s far too long, because this is a brilliant game. It’s rock hard, but brilliant. I’ve been getting enough points to unlock new series, but I’m not troubling the winning cars. It’s exhausting, because there’s absolutely no time to relax, even on the straights, which are few and far between. The feedback is amazing. The graphics, sound and – crucially, the rumble all come together to let you know exactly what’s going on. And talking of the graphics, it still looks very lovely indeed. And it handles wonderfully, with the different cars all feeling very different. It’s a great, great, great, great, great game.

Just rock hard.

Online, though, is a different story. There were no ranked matches being played, but I found a player match. Had to sit in the lobby for ages waiting for more people to join, but once we got five people together it was brilliant. Just like single player, but with cars that made mistakes and reacted to me. Also, I wasn’t awful. I came second in most of the races, behind someone called Landofspring, who came first every time – but not by miles. It was even fun when I crashed into a wall near a jump and had the cars behind me land on my roof and zoom off into the distance.