Archive for August, 2008

Braid (360)

I went back and did World 2 again. Some of the jumps took a good while to get right, but I didn’t have any real problems. At least I remembered all the solutions to the puzzles. I moved on to World 3 and didn’t manage to get all the puzzle pieces before having to stop playing so we could watch Richard Dawkins on the telly. I think I’ve got two left. One I might be able to work out when I go back, but another is completely baffling. It looks like I need to speed something up – but how can I do that when I can only reverse time? Hopefully fresh eyes this evening will reveal the solution.

Facebreaker Demo (360)

Took a long, long time to process my Xbox Live Vision camera pictures to make a face and ended up with a fighter who had all my facial features but looked nothing at all like me. It was all a bit strange – and the head was tiny.

Didn’t find much to recommend in the game, either. A basic fighter that didn’t seem to have any of the fluidity or finesse of decent fighters.

Alone in the Dark Demo (360)

Far too dark, clunky, annoying. Really couldn’t be bothered with it and after dying while rappelling down a wall past big fans and broken electrical cables I turned it off.

Braid Demo (360)

Went through this and got all the puzzle pieces in World 2. Took me quite a while to solve all the puzzles, but felt very satisfied when I got them. At 800 points I would have bought the game without question, but 1,200 points is just a bit too much. I will probably buy it – I have the points in my account – but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on one game last night.