I finished the Treasure’s Best levels last night – hooray! The last one, level 27, The World, took me quite a while. I spent ages experimenting with different weapon loads, then once I’d settled on a good combo it took me a fair few goes to actually beat the stage. I really loved it. An excellent balance between thinking and shooting. Quite possibly my favourite level so far. And it’s so simple – just you, six big enemies and a fully destructible representation of the world in the middle.

I just love the game. I’ve put hours and hours into it now and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I may find that the Treasure’s Best section had the best levels in it, but I hope not. If the other levels can keep me going as these have, I’ll be very happy indeed.

It’s a wonderful game. It’s odd how half the people that play it love it and the other half hate it. I guess there’s just a clicking point that some people reach and others don’t. Or something. It’s very strange. I’m just glad I’m in the “love it” camp.