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Echochrome Demo (PS3)

It don’t get it. My head doesn’t work the way the game wants it to. I can only see the level as a 3D space and can’t squash it down. I can hide things okay, that makes sense, but I can’t see how to line up falls and jumps. I just don’t don’t see how to do it at all.

I’m wondering if it would eventually click, or if I’ve just plain got the wrong brain.

Elefunk Demo (PS3)

Had to log in to the US store to find this, as Europe gets the game but no demo. Which is strange. Took me ages to find it, too. I hate the Playstation Store.

Anyway, first impressions are that it’s like the godly Armadillo Run, but a rubbish. I couldn’t work out how to do the first level in the time I had to play. I’ll try it again, but it’s not looking like a buy right now.

1942: Joint Strike Demo (360)

I quite liked this. It feels zippy enough, but the demo level is a bit empty. A definite 400 point buy, but 800 feels a bit steep to me.