So many weeds. So many that the town actually featured a huge corpse flower, which I didn’t know you get in Crossing and my wife had heard about but considered a myth.

My wife popped over from her new town of Arkham and we managed to pick them all. Saw all my old chums. Went over to Arkham to meet new people and see a couple of animals from my town of Venture who had moved in there.

Alfonso was very fussy about what he considered to be a rare fish, but at least I got a Kitchen Tile floor out of it.

It was nice to be back after so long, especially with my wife. Before we lived in the same country we used to play Animal Crossing over wifi all the time. We’d sit on the phone talking why pottering about in each other’s towns. Definitely helped us feel closer, so I have a strong emotional attachment to the game.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be playing it again for, but it is good to come back for visit. And it would be very nice to pay off my final loan some time, too.