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MySims (Wii)

Well, today I sorted out a boutique and an ice cream parlour and got my town up to a three-star rating, which means I can unlock the desert area. I haven’t bothered yet, having far too much else to do first, but it’s nice to know it’s available.

MySims (Wii)

Well, after the first couple of hours there’s never a shortage of things to do. There are always people to move in, tasks to perform for existing residents, things it would be nice to build for friends, places to go prospecting, etc. Time becomes something of an issue if you try to do everything, so I’ve been concentrating on moving people in and performing tasks for the business people of the town. When I next play I think I’m going to forget about new residents for a while and concentrate on improving my existing relationships.


MySims (Wii)

First impressions. It’s really rather good. There’s a fairly lengthy tutorial section and then you’re left to do what you want. The focus so far seems to be more on the building part of the game, rather than the relationships. This suits me fine. I’ve been very enjoying adding my own little touches to things I build and making buildings for my town, Crystal Lake. (It helps that my wife had been playing before me, so could give me a lot of helpful tips that it took her a while to find out when she played.)

So far, so good.

Aegis Wing (360)

Well, it’s free and it’s worth the download.

Colin McRae DiRT (360)

Up to tier five now. I’m only playing on Clubman difficulty, which may explain the quick progress.

Colin McRae DiRT (360)

After Sega Rally this felt a bit dull and listless for a couple of races, but then I got back into it. Managed to get myself up to tier three and netted a fair few achievements. I even enjoyed the big trucks I had to race in a couple of events, which I wasn’t really expecting.

Chili Con Carnage (PSP)

Today, I had to escape a meat factory. Which meant hanging from meat hooks. And killing lots and lots of bad guys.

Really strange little game. So good in so many ways, so rough in others. I hope the same developers get given a bigger budget and more time for another game in the same vein.