Well, holding LB and RB on startup to delete the cache let me continue playing and, in a three-hour session, I managed to finish the game.

Overall, it was brilliant, but there were enough little niggles at the end to knock it down from 10 to a 9. Chief among these was the final boss encounter. The first time I played it, another enemy killed me when I was just finishing him off. The second time, the game glitched and the button I had to use to defeat the boss wouldn’t work. The third time I defeated him, only for the final cut scene to flash up, followed by the game over screen. The fourth time, I won and the game didn’t kill me afterwards. Phew.

Still, I’m a fan. I’m a fan of the world. I’m a fan of the posters up around Rapture. I’m a fan of the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. I’m a fan of the plasmids. I’m a fan of the crossbow. And the shotgun. And the machine gun. I’m a fan of the music. I’m a fan of the ghosts.