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Christmas Gaming

Well, my brother brought his PS2 home for Christmas, so I watched him play Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Looked much nastier than the 360 version, but it did seem smoother, oddly. It seemed to have a lower framerate, but not as weird-looking. Maybe. So I’ve no idea what’s wrong with the 360 version. Maybe it’s frame-skipping or something. I just know it looks odd. I’m just very confused.

Other than that, I just played the Gameboy Micro and DS. On the DS it was Animal Crossing all the way. Got the next house upgrade, but didn’t buy any turnips this week.

On the Micro I played Final Fantasy… and completed it! Yes! My first ever completed Final Fantasy. A little over twenty hours in total, I think. I missed out a whole optional dungeon and some optional bosses and there was at least one side quest I didn’t complete. But it’s finished. World saved and all that.

Then I moved on to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I tried it before and got about three and a half hours in, but the distance between save points and controls annoyed me too much. It’s got such a good reputation that I thought I’d try again… and I’m only a couple of hours in, but I don’t like the controls and the save points are annoying me again. So I might not stick with it this time, either.

Game Boy Micro

I bought a silver one.

Came with a free copy of Banjo Pilot which, er, might not be completely awful. You never know.

Does it look nice? Well, yeah. I think it looks about 54% as nice as the Famicom one.

It’s funny. When I bought the Famicom one I was basically buying a fetish item. I was unconvinced of the actual utility, but in love with the look of thing. Since it arrived, though, it’s become an essential item. Even if I don’t play it on a certain day, I’m glad it’s in my pocket. It’s just something that’s there if you need it.

It’s like a mobile phone.

Or maybe a torch.

Or deodorant.

You know.

Game Boy Micro

I stepped on it.

It broke.

I am… unhappy.

It needs replacing. Now. However, all the UK colours are rubbish. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to suck it up and get one from Game this afternoon, even if it won’t look as nice as the Famicom one there. Assuming I can afford it. This is a bad time of year for things to break.