It’s a good thing I’ve got the day off tomorrow.

I just started it again for a bit and… got lost in time. Suddenly it’s one in the morning.

I completed a couple of easy quests and died a lot trying to do a quest that I just don’t think I’m ready for yet. Not alone at any rate. And these newbie areas are amazingly empty on this server. I guess there aren’t that many new characters being created these days. I ran round a whole group of islands for ages and only saw one other person, who ame and went very quickly. In a way it’s quite nice, but it’s also nice to have a load of people around to take some of the heat.

I can’t defeat all those trolls alone!

I’d forgotten how beautiful the art design is while I was away. There’s a a group of shipwrecks near the orc starting area that’s just breathtaking. And running back into Ogrimmar at the end of the session was like coming home.

And even more like coming home when the auction house was empty of NPCs, which was followed by a disconnection message and an inability to get back into the game for five minutes. Ah, random outages, how I’ve missed you.

Gerplex, lovely undead level sixty man that he is, gave me some cash too get me started, so I’ve bid on some more bags in the auction house. The most annoying thing about WoW is the lack of inventory space.

Well, most annoying apart from corpse runs, possibly.

Oh, and I went trick or treating a couple of times and got a flimsy elf mask and some lollipops. Cool.