Only Blitz mode, obviously. There’s not really much point in the other modes existing any more. Blitz is quick, exciting – and often annoying. There is skill involved in pattern-matching and choosing which gems to swap, but often you’re stuck in a game with few potential moves and you’re left searching the screen for something, anything to do before hitting in the Hint button in frustration. I’ve taken to restarting a lot now – unless you come out of the gates at full speed and stay there, there’s not a lot of point in carrying on.

Bejeweled 2

Lots of lovely moves on this board.

My aim for this game was to beat a score set my friend April. (She was one of only two Facebook friends to set a score this week. The other person, who I shall not name, set a frankly pathetic score that wasn’t even worthy of my attention.) It took me a while, but I beat it and crowed about it on Twitter. Soon enough, I saw this:

@thatrevchap woke up. Saw this. Played. Beat score. Back to bed.

I tried to beat her new score, but failed. Stupid game.